Faded Affection


Last night  I found this poem in the middle of my note pad. It was dated 2 years ago and must have been one of my unpublished poems so I decide to post it.. enjoy!


However little your harmatia was, it was nothing I expected.
Everyone could but not you!

We were conditioned events, inseparable like God’s love for man.

I thought it would certainly be “yours and mine forever”

So much for “forever”

Now your forever is nothing but a faded music lyrics on an old brown paper.

However, I will cherish that old piece of paper since its all I have got of you.

I still love you because you are still my forever


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My Redemption



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It was the darkness I saw
Black and devouring,
Fearful and distressing
I blinked twice, then once more but was met by the same confusing darkness.

My heart craved for a release,
I wanted the comfort I once had.

I was falling into an abyss.
I was lost!
I was bitter!
My heart craved the light I was sure I won’t see.

Knowing you was an adventure
Crazy, fun filled adventure.
I was young and willing to explore,
Willing to test the limits I didn’t have.

You were so generous In satisfying my ever hungry appetite for more.
You were the sin that snatched me from the truth I was born to know.
The evil that made me forsake my first love that died on the cross!

Now enslaved by you, hope is far, salvation is no more a gift but at the cost of my life.


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Three Jacks and a Candle Chapter 1 (3/3 unrevised, unedited)

To The Very Gates

Quickstepping to the blue overhead signs that outlined a generic male and generic female figures, he entered the corridor that lead down to the restrooms. Sweat began to evacuating out of his palms and forebrow as he entered into the men’s room, and then directly into a stall. He closed the metal door behind him and went to the back corner wall and leaned up against it; crouching down he held his head in his hands and began to lose control in his mind. What he needed now was isolation. Too much to see, too much input to consider; how could he keep a straight face this whole time. It was a personal excuse to Jack that he went to the mall to sharpen his salesmanship, really it was to fix what he knew was broken. His sarcastic outlook mutated into solemn concern for his balance and mental stability.

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Writings to Heaven

Let the heart,
beat a little more,

Let the smile,
glow a little more,

Let the laugh,
burst a little more,

Let the eyes,
see a little more,

Let the love,
kill a little more,

Let the time,
stay a little more,

Let the death,
wait a little more,

Let the inside,
live a little more.

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Save the date:Tosin and Jake



Love! Can we ever get exhausted of a good love story?  I guess not.
I have written poems and fictious stories on love but to write about someone I know and someone dear to me, it is a different ball game.

Tosin and Jake



I met Tosin through my elder sister and it wasnt long that she became a sister as well as a friend to me. If asked to describe Tosin, I will describe her as a beautiful young lady, talented and graceful with a pretty shape and wonderful fashion sense . But not just that, Tosin is Loving, caring, funny and spiritual (ow yeah she can pray for Africa). 


Tosin met Jake in her final year at Ahmadu Bello University zaria, where they were introduced by a mutual friend. It was just a causal meeting, who knew they would be? 
A while later, they met again ( call it…

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